Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy at Owens Beach

If you’re looking for a hidden gem in Canada that promises scenic beauty and a range of activities, Owens Beach is the perfect destination. Located in Point Defiance Owens Beach Park, Owens Beach offers a tranquil oasis to unwind and explore nature.

With its waterfront park and ample parking facilities, visitors can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and stunning views. The Owens Beach Trail provides an opportunity for nature lovers to take a leisurely walk or hike and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. You can also enjoy a perfect picnic with family and friends at the picnic area.

For those looking for more exciting activities, Owens Beach offers a range of options such as water sports, beachcombing, and more.

Unwind in the Tranquil Oasis of Owens Beach

If you’re seeking a serene and peaceful atmosphere, Owens Beach in Tacoma is the perfect place to unwind. The waterfront park offers breathtaking views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains with sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. Relaxing on the beach or strolling along the shore is ideal if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Parking facilities are conveniently located near the beach, making it easy to access Owens Beach.

Owens Beach is a tranquil oasis perfect for spending a quiet afternoon with a book or for a romantic stroll along the beach. The stunning views and sounds of nature are a must-see for visitors looking for a soothing getaway. The calming atmosphere of Owens Beach offers an escape from daily stressors and provides visitors with a rejuvenating experience.

Tranquility at Owens Beach

“Owens Beach offers a truly peaceful escape. The sound of the waves, the smell of the sea air, and the beautiful views make it a unique and rejuvenating experience” – Lori S.

An added bonus of Owens Beach is its proximity to other local attractions, including Point Defiance Park and Zoo, the nearby Owens Beach Trail, and the Tacoma waterfront. Owens Beach offers a wide range of activities, including biking, walking, and picnicking. With so much to do, Owens Beach is a must-visit when in Tacoma.

Explore the Scenic Owens Beach Trail

For nature lovers, the Owens Beach Trail offers a breathtaking opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the area. The trail is a 2.2-mile round trip that takes visitors through a forested area, eventually leading to the beach. As you hike along the trail, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. The trail is well-maintained and suitable for all skill levels, making it a perfect activity for families or individuals looking to immerse themselves in nature.

Enjoy a Perfect Picnic at Owens Beach

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Owens Beach is to have a picnic with family or friends. The park offers a picturesque picnic area where visitors can take in the stunning waterfront view while enjoying a meal or snack.

The Owens Beach picnic area is equipped with tables, benches, and BBQ grills, making it an ideal spot for a summer BBQ or casual picnic. The area is well-maintained and clean, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet lunch or a lively gathering, the Owens Beach picnic area is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Exciting Activities at Owens Beach

Owens Beach provides a range of activities to enjoy, both on and off the water. Visitors can spend an entire day relaxing, exploring, and indulging in the following activities:

  • Beachcombing: Stroll along the shore and discover unusual treasures, from shells and rocks to driftwood and colorful sea glass.
  • Kayaking or Paddleboarding: Rent a kayak or paddleboard and head out onto the calm waters of Puget Sound to enjoy the stunning scenery and maybe even catch a glimpse of marine life.
  • Swimming: Take a refreshing dip in the Sound, or lounge on the sandy beach to soak up the sun.
  • Fishing: Cast your line from the fishing pier at Owens Beach to try your luck at catching salmon, halibut, crab, or clams.
  • Biking: Explore the nearby trails on two wheels by bringing your bicycle along and ride through a beautiful forested area.

Events and Festivals

Owens Beach hosts various events and festivals all year round, including the Gig Harbor Wine & Food Festival and the annual Puget Sound Bird Fest. Check the park’s website or visit the nearby Point Defiance Marina to find out about upcoming events and activities.

Location and Getting There

Owens Beach is located within Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington. The address of Owens Beach is 5400 N Pearl St, Tacoma, WA 98407.


To reach Owens Beach, visitors can take the Ruston Way Waterfront path from Ruston Way or drive down Pearl Street to the park entrance. Once inside the park, follow the signs to Owens Beach.

Those traveling by public transport can take the Pierce Transit bus #10 to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and then walk about 1.5 miles to Owens Beach.

Whether you choose to drive or take public transport, the journey to Owens Beach is well worth it for the relaxing and scenic experience that awaits you.

Originally posted 2023-09-22 16:52:52.